Change is Inevitable

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I wanted to share these words of encouragement from a fellow blogger whose mission is to inspire and motivate those who land on their page.

Change is our biggest fear, but it is also a part of living.  At the end of the day change is going to come. How we react to that change will determine the outcome. It will be positive if we embrace it and negative if we fight it.

Courage means taking action.

Aminellie says when change comes, “Do not crumble” and “Hold on“. I am in total agreement with that.

Now then take these words of inspiration and motivation from Aminellie and Kick Fear Now.


Graduates, Get Ready to Soar

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The graduates are coming!

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One by one they walk up the steps, move across the stage, and accept their diploma.

The time it took to accomplish this wonderful goal, whether 2 years, 4 years, or even more, will now be fully sealed and secured by this rolled up piece of paper.

All those late nights, tests and papers, essays and presentations are now behind.

No more pulling your hair out or burning the midnight oil while you guzzle down cans of energy drinks.

The hard work is done.  Your labor was not in vain.  The years of sacrifice is evidenced by this beautifully embossed diploma.

Some graduates walk across the stage looking very serious. With determination and purpose, their minds are already mapping out the next five years of their lives.  Others walk with a smile on their face, a little bit of disbelief still in their eyes. They are pleased with their accomplishment, yet unsure of what to do next.  Nevertheless, they are satisfied with a job well done.  Then there are those that strut across the stage, big grins on their faces.

One turns and looks at the crowd, pumps a fist in the air and lets out a big “Yes”.  A cheer comes from where family and friends are seated.  It was a rough ride, so victory is all the more sweet.

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Many of you have wanted to give up along the way. The assignments were hard, the pressure too high, and the setbacks just never seemed to stop.

For you who stayed the course and did not throw in the towel, you have earned this milestone celebration.  You are people on purpose.  Fear once held a big place in your life, but not now.  You will accomplish anything you set your mind to because courage is now a part of who you are.

For you who stepped off for a moment, but stepped back on, I’m proud of you. You’ve come a long way in keeping unrealistic fear from taking its grip and hold.  You have truly earned your diploma.  You are a champion because of your determination and perseverance.

For you who have stopped and started, screamed and shouted, thrown in the towel and picked it up again to complete this course. I salute you. Go on and raise your hands in triumph because you did it.

Now, my question to you is – What’s Next?

Well, I say that it’s time to expand your vision, raise your sights higher, and move to the next level. Chapter 2 is about to begin.

You have your plans and goals, your dreams and visions. It’s all about moving forward courageously one action step after another.

Now, with that degree in your hand step triumphantly off the stage.  It’s time to step forward to success — your success!

Watch out world!  The fearless Graduates are getting ready to soar.

Words are Fearless

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I just love words.  The way they look when you string lots of them together.  It makes me feel good when they fill up a page and form lines of poetry or prose. Words sound so exciting.  I enjoy hearing them being read and seeing them acted out. I don’t even mind whether they are fiction or non-fiction. 

I’ve always had a way with words.  As a little girl I would stay up during the night writing in my diary.  There were short stories and poems, a young girl’s thoughts and dreams, and lots of goals and ambitions. Later, I moved from the dairy on to a journal.  I would write anything and everything.  It really did not matter.  You see, I just enjoy words.

I keep writing words, lots of them in fact.  Words to get into college, obtain scholarships, get good grades, get not so good grades, recommend myself, recommend others, start a business, get a job, get a higher degree, and even words to get out of college. 

So what does a person who loves words, has a way with words, writes lots of words, do?  All the words I wrote and the knowledge I accumulated were of no value unless they were shared.  I knew I had to take my words to the next level, but fear and doubt would quickly appear and make me think twice.

The funny thing is that words often take on a life of their own.  I could not stop them.  They wanted to be published.  They knew that they could be of help if only they were placed in someone’s hand.  So I continued to write words on a topic that I knew a lot about, Unrealistic Fear.  The words soon grew into a book.  The book of words did get published and is called Kick Fear to the Curb: 5 Action Steps for a Courageous You. 


What about you?  Where are your words?  Are they asking you to let them go so that they too can be placed in someone’s hand?  

Kick Fear Now and set those words free.

Go Deep!

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deep within


When you face your fears, you will find that everything you need to be the courageous you is already within you. When you access the power within, you will be able to rise up to the tasks at hand. All you need is a little motivation to believe in yourself.

Today you go deep — deep within yourself to access your power. Go ahead, I dare you to Kick Fear Now!

Kick Fear of Death Now

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Mom is restless. She knows that she has a lot of outstanding business.  She had a big scare and realizes that perhaps time is not on her side. She is tired.  Her body is giving up on her. She is in discomfort. Her sight is a little blurred, her kidneys are refusing to work right, and she has a constant pain in her stomach.

Even now, as I watch her lying there on the bed, trying to get some sleep, she tosses and turns every few minutes.  How can she rest?  Her mind is on overload of all the things she has not done yet.  Sleep will not come easy.  She groans.  Rest is not ready to give her that luxury.  But soon, soon she will have all the peaceful rest she desires and needs.

Every so often she calls me to come.  She wants to tell me something, a reflection, a memory, a past hurt, or just a story that she remembered that now needs to be told.

My heart is being tugged in all directions. I want her to be at peace, but I don’t want her to go just yet.  Nevertheless, the final chapter must be told and the end will inevitably come.

Death is knocking at the door, but life is telling it to go away, I’m not ready for you yet.  Death is not going to do that.  It will stop knocking, but remain at the door, lingering, waiting, and knowing.  It knows what it wants and will not leave until it gets what it has come for.SAM_1105

You Can Do It — Yes You Can

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Yuichiro Miura is an 80-year-old Japanese mountain climber.  He has had heart surgery four times.  Now he says he is heading to back to Mount Everest for his third ascent.  He has climbed the summit before in 2003 and 2008.  If he is successful, he will be the oldest person to reach the top. 

What an awesome bucket list challenge.  What a way to Kick Fear Now!  Mr. Miura, I know you will be successful.

“If you wish strongly, have courage and endurance, then you can get to the summit of your dream.”  Yuichiro Miura

Use Your Built-In Mechanisms to Overcome Your Fears

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I was pouring over the photographs and reading some of the essays in the book Perfect Waves: The Endless Allure of the Ocean, when I came across a piece entitled “A Primitive Fear”. I read the short essay with interest, especially as I was sitting in a hotel room looking straight out at the ocean.

Early Morning Walk

The waves were calm.  The beach was quiet, with one or two early morning walkers strolling along the sand on this brisk, yet chilly January morning.  “Fear of waves,” the essayist tells us, “reaches down to our most durably coded genes and brings our most primitive instincts and survival reflexes back to the fore.”  (Perfect Waves, p. 58).   Thoughtfully I digested these words.

The Lone Swimmer

As I scanned the calm waters outside the window I saw a lone swimmer out in the distance. I am sure he was enjoying the emptiness and tranquility of this vast watery space all to himself. Meanwhile, my mind wandered back to October 29, 2012 when the storm surge wreaked havoc on New York City and much of the East Coast in the form of Hurricane Sandy. There was nothing calm about the waves at this event. Yet, many people faced the elements to catch a glimpse of this powerful act of nature. The rush of adrenaline and endorphins that come when you face your fear is perhaps what kept these people looking on.

“Run or fight. Submit or react. Fear can prove a tremendous motor. It can allow us to evaluate a crisis more quickly and accurately.”  (Perfect Waves, p. 58).

Getting rid of unrealistic fear begins with facing your fears. When you face your fears you are giving yourself the opportunity to use the built in mechanisms, such as reflexes, intuition, experience, and senses, to overcome them. When you face your fears head on you are able to 1) assess the situation, 2) determine whether it is real, immediate or dangerous, and 3) make a decision. If you don’t face your fears and take action against them they will always be a reminder of your shortfalls.

“So it is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will fight without danger in battles. If you only know yourself, but not your opponent, you may win or may lose. If you know neither yourself nor your enemy, you will always endanger yourself.” Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Know Yourself

I love to swim, but not being a strong swimmer it is rare that I take the plunge and swim away from the shore. In fact, the swimming pool will do just fine for me.  I know my limitations. What about you? Have you faced your fears and made an assessment? What is one major fear that stops you from stepping into the life you are always dreaming about? Today, take the plunge and face it head on. The tools to help you do this are right within your reach.

Nouqueret, Pierre, Editor. Perfect Waves: The Endless Allure of the Ocean, Abrams, NY, 2006