When was the last time you celebrated you?

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It’s finally here, the time of year when we see if we have staying power or not.


Twelve days of January have gone and those who set big resolutions are asking themselves, “What was I thinking?”

Those, like myself, who didn’t even think about resolutions, are breathing a sigh of relief and celebrating the season for what it really is, a time of reflecting and rejuvenating in order to approach 2016 with new vitality and focus. Now is the time to make the first two or three months of this new year really meaningful.

Here is one thing that should get you geared up for a successful 2016.

Honor yourself.

You made it through 2015. Things may not have gone exactly the way you planned, or maybe they did. Still you made it. Give yourself a pat on the back. This is the time of year to pause and celebrate the person you are today. Yes, there are still changes you want to make, but for now, celebrate and honor you.

For those of you who journal, take the time to memorialize what the past 12 month journey of 2015 was like. Write about the highs and the lows, the ups and the downs, the setbacks and steps forward. Embrace it all. Those experiences have allowed growing and excelling to take place.

What about your expectations, goals, and aspirations for 2016. Yes, now is the time to write them down and plan out what it will take to make 2016 the year of expansion and accelerated growth.

For those of you who blog, then share your story with us. Teach us how you did it; what you learned, and show us how we too can achieve great success through, dare I say it, hard work and determination.

Share your stores of how important it is to be kind and generous, thinking of others as much as yourself. Let us know where you came from and how far you have journeyed. Yes, it doesn’t hurt at all to remember your roots.

Finally, tell us who gave you love and support during this time of change or growth. Who were those influencers and supporters of all you accomplished? Hey, having an attitude of gratitude can propel you way faster than you ever dreamed.

Indulge yourself. You have a full year ahead of you. Take this time to focus and plan. You owe it to yourself.

“Let go of the past and go for the future. Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you imagined.” ~ Henry David Thoreau


You Get What You Ask For

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“Enlarge the place of your tent; stretch out the curtains of your dwellings, spare not; lengthen your cords, and strengthen your pegs.  For you will spread abroad to the right and to the left.  And your descendants will possess nations, and they will resettle the desolate cities.”  Isaiah 54:2-3

I was told that 2014 is the year of expansion so I prayed, “Lord, enlarge my territory”.

The vision for my life was more than what I was experiencing.  I was depressed and disheartened. Each time I tried to make progress something or someone came along to distract or discourage me. Eventually, with back-to-back delays, I realized that if I did not do something soon discouragement would derail everything that I had worked so hard to accomplish.


My dreams, goals, and plans were still there.  I was more than willing to step into new territory.

My expectations were high.  My heart wide open.  Yet, here I was at a dead-end.  Not sure what to do, where to turn, or how to move.

How had I come to this point?  When did I step off the road that was moving me towards success?  The peace I had once experienced was now replaced with chaos and turmoil.  I searched my memory and racked my brains to see what had caused me to make this detour. Even more importantly, how was I going to get though it?


What or who had caused me to take one detour after another?  I wanted to move forward, but was not sure which direction to go or even how to start.  Each time I attempted to move the question arose, “What price are you willing to pay in order to move forward?”

One thing about expansion is that it requires you to move from a place of comfort and familiarity.  You have to leave behind what you know in order to step into what will at first be new and strange. Questions will fill your mind.  Doubt will rise up. Uncertainty will show itself.

Growth and expansion is often messy and chaotic.  Things do not always go according to your plan.  Deadlines are rarely met and delays often set us back.  But despite how it looks you must still continue with your plan.



When you ask for something that involves change, you will get what you ask for.  What you have to remember is that despite great plans and good intentions obstacles will come your way. All you have to do is learn to pick yourself up after each setback.  Don’t give up because it hurts. Instead, keep your eyes on the prize.  Stay focused on your ultimate goal and take whatever steps you need to in order to get there.

I asked  for my territory to be enlarged.  The price that I was willing to pay — Proceed with Caution.  I got what I asked for.  How about you?

What have you asked for in this year of expansion? What cost are you willing to pay to achieve success?  If you have already begun the journey, what has been some of the challenges or setbacks you have faced?  How have you overcome those obstacles?  Please let us know.  It might help us to get moving towards our dreams a little bit quicker.

Go Deep!

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deep within


When you face your fears, you will find that everything you need to be the courageous you is already within you. When you access the power within, you will be able to rise up to the tasks at hand. All you need is a little motivation to believe in yourself.

Today you go deep — deep within yourself to access your power. Go ahead, I dare you to Kick Fear Now!

Houston – Get Ready to Kick Fear Now

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In a couple of days I am headed to Houston, Texas for the book lunch of Kick Fear to the Curb: 5 Action Steps for a Courageous You.  The PWN Publishers team did an exceptional job.  They made my typewritten pages look like a real book.  Jessica Lin, photographer, stood with me in the sweltering summer heat and took shot after shot to come up with the wonderful cover image.  She is also responsible for the two awesome pictures of me on the back cover and inside page.  My hats off to this wonderful professional.


I just got word that the books are hot of the press and already out the door.  All I can say is Houston, prepare to launch. October 24 through 26 I will be at the National Black Book Festival, host venue, the Fallbrook Church located at 12512 Walters Road, Houston, Texas. Over 100 hundred authors will be showcasing their work with many, like myself, launching their first book. What an exciting time.  Only 3 days to go.

Houston, begin countdown.  Get ready to Kick Fear Now.


Kick Fear to the Curb – The Book

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September and the first part of October has found me at that anticlimactic stage where I have finished a project, but the overwhelming feeling of joy and satisfaction at having completed something significant, to me at least, just hasn’t arrived. The years of research and writing, proofing and editing, honing and fine-tuning has ended.  I don’t know how many hands it has gone through, nor the amount of eyes that have reviewed and scrutinized, constructively criticized and painstakingly commented.  It just feels like a lot.  I’ve cut and omitted, put down and picked up, wrote and re-wrote, taken out and put back in.  Finally, with much coaxing and persuading, I realized it was time to let my baby go.

Kick Fear Book

Writing my first book, Kick Fear to the Curb: 5 Action Steps for a Courageous You, was no easy task.  Nevertheless, it was a goal I set and I was not going to stop until I had accomplished it.  It was a labor of love from me to my audience.  It was a topic that needed to be addressed because too many of us have allowed unrealistic fear to stop us from living life — a full, rich, successful life.

In a world that is filled with so much fear, doubt, and uncertainty about the future, it is easy to become discouraged.  Yet, we need courage to live this life.  Furthermore, that courage has to be built up and constantly maintained.  This is why I wrote the book, to encourage you to take action, even if only small steps.  Fear should not be hovering over your life, holding you back from stepping into your desired future.  It’s time to put unrealistic fear right where it belongs, under your feet.

During the time of writing the book that will get you to Kick Fear Now, I learned a new language, traveled to exotic places, met new people, developed friendships, climbed several mountains, earned a Masters degree in Emergency Management and more than anything else, learned how to harness the power I have within me to keep unrealistic fear where it rightly belongs.  In other words, I found courage to be me.

Now, my mission is to get this book into your hands so that you can find the courage to be you, the vibrant, fearless, courageous you. If I can encourage you to stop being discouraged and allow your courage to propel you into the unknown then my mission will be accomplished.

I want you to Kick Fear and I will help you to do it – NOW.

How Safe Are Your Goals from Unrealistic Fear?

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What do you do when you hit a stumbling block or roadblock along the way of achieving your goal?  What about two or three stumbling blocks and several roadblocks?  Do you throw up your hands in the air and decide that “this is all a waste of time, why bother”. shutterstock_85942999

Unrealistic fear is attempting to stop you from success but I am here to encourage you to please don’t give up.  Now is the time to dig your heels in and push forward with more determination.

Brian Tracy, the man I go to every time I am working on my goals, says that the two major obstacles to success and achievement are fear and doubt.  He says that the average number of times that people try to accomplish their goals is “less than one.”  To me that is scary.  In other words people do not pursue their goals completely because they cannot get past the fear factor.  Most give up before they even start.

Tracy draws a picture for us to elaborate this position.  He says that as soon as people think of their goal, “these fears (failure, poverty, loss, embarrassment, or rejection) overwhelm them and, like a bucket of water on a small fire, extinguish their desire completely.”  Today, especially as we still on the topic of our bucket lists, I want you to turn the tables around.  In other words, reposition your fears.

First, let your fears be the small fire.  That’s right, take all your fears, whatever they are, and mentally toss them on that small fire.  Fear of rejection, toss it on the fire.  Fear of lack, toss it on the fire.  Fear of being in a relationship.  Go ahead, toss it on the fire.  Keep going, one by one, toss them on the fire.

Next, Get your goals together. They should be big, so big that they consume your mind with thoughts of progress and accomplishment.  So big, that the minute fear raises its ugly head your big goals jump into action.

Now is time for that bucket.

Pour those goals out
Pour those goals out


Your goals are what are in that giant bucket.  Your desires are what you will pour out each time fear tries to ignite itself.  With each turn of the bucket, one by one, your goals will eliminate every fear, every doubt, every obstacle that forms a resistance between you and your success.

Your life is too precious to allow it to be wasted away by small, unrealistic fear.  The path ahead of you is an amazingly, awesome one that requires you to give it all your focus, energy, and strength.  You cannot and must not waste time on what you are not yet capable of doing.  Instead, allow what you know, what you have, and what you are capable of doing, to propel you along.

Stumbling blocks and road blocks are just placed in front of you to see how determined you are to succeed.  If there is a shortfall in any area then find tools to help you make up for it.  Just don’t give up, don’t drop out, and most of all, don’t stop.  Remember, the race is not for the swift or the fearful but it is for the one who is determined to go all the way, if only at a tortoise pace.  Now go ahead, Kick Fear Now!


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How to Use Your Bucket List to Kick Fear Now

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My girlfriend just called me from Florida and said, “Pange, we’ve got to go to a Polo match. I’ve never been to one before and I want to cross it off my bucket list.”

“Interesting,” I said to her.  “Did you know that a bucket list is a list of things that a person wants to accomplish before they die? Or to use the correct phrase, before they kick the bucket?”

I knew this because all week I have been churning in my mind what I was going to write in this post.  Dana Sitar, author of A Writer’s Bucket List, has proposed a Bucket List Challenge Blog Hop to celebrate the launch of her new book.  All I have to do is answer the question, “What will you cross off your Bucket List in 2013?”

Bucket List Blog Hop Badge

I had never heard the term “bucket list” used before I saw the movie with the same title, starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman.  Growing up in London, England I was quite familiar with the phrase because people were always “kicking the bucket.” Whether or not they had made a list of things before they did so, I really don’t know.

I did know something about planning for the future.  I knew about goals, dreams, desires and aspirations, but no bucket list.  I knew about what I wanted to be when I grew up.  Of course, I’m grown up now and certainly am not doing that at all.  Well not exactly.  I even put together my 100 goals that I want to accomplish during my life time but there was no emphasis, while I was writing, at least I don’t think so, about doing them before I kicked the bucket.

Many people would never dream of putting together a bucket list.  That, after all, would be tempting fate.  But when you think about it putting together that B-List is one sure way of facing your fears.  It’s your way of telling those unrealistic fears that you are not afraid of the unknown.  You are ready for a change and you are going to live life to the fullest.

Your bucket list will push you from just existing with no goals, no dreams, and no future.  It will show you a world full of possibilities.  It will also give you the determination and courage to believe, and accept, that a bright future awaits you.  There is something that happens when you write down your goals and visualize yourself accomplishing them.  They will keep you focused and remind you that success is within reach if you push yourself toward reaching those goals.

Facing your fears is not easy but it can be done.  Even if you only do one thing on that bucket list, the fact that you went on the journey of doing something, is an achievement that can be celebrated.  As for me, I’ve learned to accept that my journey of life has both joys and pains.  Somethings I set out to do I will accomplish, others, I won’t.  Despite that, I will not let unrealistic fear stop me from trying my best.

Mountains at Cuzco, Peru

Therefore, in answer to Dana’s question, I will be climbing a mountain in 2013.  I thought it would be Mt. Kilimanjaro, but that is for another time.  Instead, I am going after the next best thing and will tackle the mountains at Cuzco, Peru.  I will be hiking a 4-day, 25 mile, 3 high passes crossing the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu.  The trail is often steep and one of the passes reaches an elevation of 13,776 ft.  Hopefully this adventure will propel me into completing my next book Mountain Move Out of My Way.  If I succeed in this endeavor trust me, you will be the first to know.

So what about you?  Have you put together your bucket list yet?  If not, and you need help in doing so, then visit Dana Sitar’s Blog Hop Page @ and see what some other bloggers are going to cross of their bucket list in 2013.  Perhaps you will be inspired to do something too.