The Shocking Truth About Unrealistic Fear

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Have you ever watched fear in action?  You probably have many times.  In fact, unknowingly you stood and watched as fear worked to immobilize and stop someone you know, love or care about from being productive and successful.

This week my 88-year old mother arrived at my home.  Unfortunately, she has not been feeling her 100% usual self.  Her body is not cooperating with her and the symptoms she is experiencing has changed her in so many ways.  This once vibrant, fast-moving, always on the go business woman is now scared, full of anxiety, and because of the unknown, is accepting defeat with every intention of giving up.

Fear of the unknown will do that.  It will make you put off, postpone or avoid getting the right treatment for the ailment you have been diagnosed with.  It will make you listen to everyone else, including that negative chatter going on in your own head.  Meanwhile, the professional or expert who can answer all your questions is the one you refuse to accept as being right and stay away from them as much as you can.

The shocking truth about unrealistic fear is that unlike watching a scary movie, observing fear in action right in front of you is neither exciting or entertaining.  In fact it is sad.  If fear of the unknown is your unrealistic fear then I urge you to stop putting of what you know you must do.  Whether it is getting a second doctor’s opinion, ending a bad relationship or reaching out to that person you have been avoiding for so long, the situation needs to be addressed once and for all.

Facing your fears is scary, but delaying what eventually must be done could lead to an even more frightening outcome.  What unrealistic fear has stopped you in your tracks?  What thing do you need to do but having been putting off because you do not want to deal with it?  Is there anything you can do right now to soften the process?

No matter how bad the unknown looks or feels, wait no longer to take the right action.  Just Kick Fear Now!


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