How Safe Are Your Goals from Unrealistic Fear?

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What do you do when you hit a stumbling block or roadblock along the way of achieving your goal?  What about two or three stumbling blocks and several roadblocks?  Do you throw up your hands in the air and decide that “this is all a waste of time, why bother”. shutterstock_85942999

Unrealistic fear is attempting to stop you from success but I am here to encourage you to please don’t give up.  Now is the time to dig your heels in and push forward with more determination.

Brian Tracy, the man I go to every time I am working on my goals, says that the two major obstacles to success and achievement are fear and doubt.  He says that the average number of times that people try to accomplish their goals is “less than one.”  To me that is scary.  In other words people do not pursue their goals completely because they cannot get past the fear factor.  Most give up before they even start.

Tracy draws a picture for us to elaborate this position.  He says that as soon as people think of their goal, “these fears (failure, poverty, loss, embarrassment, or rejection) overwhelm them and, like a bucket of water on a small fire, extinguish their desire completely.”  Today, especially as we still on the topic of our bucket lists, I want you to turn the tables around.  In other words, reposition your fears.

First, let your fears be the small fire.  That’s right, take all your fears, whatever they are, and mentally toss them on that small fire.  Fear of rejection, toss it on the fire.  Fear of lack, toss it on the fire.  Fear of being in a relationship.  Go ahead, toss it on the fire.  Keep going, one by one, toss them on the fire.

Next, Get your goals together. They should be big, so big that they consume your mind with thoughts of progress and accomplishment.  So big, that the minute fear raises its ugly head your big goals jump into action.

Now is time for that bucket.

Pour those goals out
Pour those goals out


Your goals are what are in that giant bucket.  Your desires are what you will pour out each time fear tries to ignite itself.  With each turn of the bucket, one by one, your goals will eliminate every fear, every doubt, every obstacle that forms a resistance between you and your success.

Your life is too precious to allow it to be wasted away by small, unrealistic fear.  The path ahead of you is an amazingly, awesome one that requires you to give it all your focus, energy, and strength.  You cannot and must not waste time on what you are not yet capable of doing.  Instead, allow what you know, what you have, and what you are capable of doing, to propel you along.

Stumbling blocks and road blocks are just placed in front of you to see how determined you are to succeed.  If there is a shortfall in any area then find tools to help you make up for it.  Just don’t give up, don’t drop out, and most of all, don’t stop.  Remember, the race is not for the swift or the fearful but it is for the one who is determined to go all the way, if only at a tortoise pace.  Now go ahead, Kick Fear Now!


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One thought on “How Safe Are Your Goals from Unrealistic Fear?

    Dana Sitar said:
    February 28, 2013 at 9:47 PM

    Wise words, Pangeline! Thanks for the tips.

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