4 Things You Need to Know About Unrealistic Fear

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“Fear is disruptive, causing us to turn our attention from our real purpose.”
Deborah Gray Young

There are four major things you need to know about unrealistic fear.  If you can identify them quickly you will be able to begin the process of controlling what or who is in charge of your life. The pattern always repeats itself, silently moving from one platform to another.

Here is what you need to know:

Fear is a saboteur.

It will do, and use, whatever is necessary to hold you back.

Fear is a stealer of time.

It will delay, prevent, or stop you from moving forward.

Fear paralyzes.

It will cripple your movement, making you powerless and ineffective.

Fear is a dream killer.

It will use all the tools in its arsenal to stop you from realizing your dream.

Which one, two, or all of the four major characteristics of unrealistic fear has been preventing you from living a productive and successful life?

What fear phobia has become an imaginary mountain in front of you, blocking your movement and progress?

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