Wishing and Hoping Does Not Bring Success

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Three days ago we all said “Good-bye” to 2012 and “Hello” to 2013.  Making resolutions are fine.  Putting together a bucket list is wonderful, but as Cheryl Pullins @iCoachWomen shared with us, “It might be a New Year, but if you brought old thinking, old habits and the same old stuff…it’s just another day.”

One such habit that many people sit around and do is hope that life will be different.  They spend much of their waking hours wishing, hoping and dreaming that someday their life will change.  Someday, Mr. Right or Ms. Perfect will step into my life.  Someday, I will land my dream job.  Someday, I will travel to another country, learn a new language, and meet new people.  Someday, I will stop working and start my own business, or write a book.  I think you get the picture.

The reality is that wishing and hoping does not bring success.  Without any action on our part there will be no materializing of what we desire.  In order for our dreams to become reality we must take action, any action, but preferably action that is based on a well thought out plan.  Let me give you an example based on my experience.

You all know by now that for as long as I can remember I limited myself from doing things because of unrealistic fear.  I dreaded speaking in front of an audience.  I feared being without enough money to take care of my children and myself.  I was afraid to share my writings with others in case they laughed at it or did not like it.  I dreaded making cold calls while I was a real estate agent.  In essence, I lived in my own world of doubts and fears.

Fortunately for me I woke up one day, actually it was more like every day for months. It dawned on me that life was going on without me.  All the things I dreamed of doing would be just that, dreams.  It was a hard fact to come to terms with, but when days turn into years and you are still in the same place, you know something must be done.

In my soon to be published book, Kick Fear to the Curb, I share with you five tried and lived steps that will take you from being fearful to fearless.  I spent years observing, researching, gathering information and later, counseling others. I know that change is possible.  I also know that the only way to get what you truly want is to face your fears.

Kick Fear teaches you how to do this by taking you through the process. It teaches you how to recognize and deal with unrealistic fear so that you can achieve the life you’ve always dreamed of living.  Taking action has taught me to be courageous and confident.  Taking action eventually led me to writing Kick Fear.

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What are some of the things that you want to do?  What old habit do you want to get rid of? What unrealistic fear do you want to face?  If you want 2013 to be your year of ACTION, then get ready to Kick Fear Now.

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