Oppressive and Burdensome – That’s Unrealistic Fear

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One thing that scares me is writing this blog. I can come up with every excuse why I don’t need to write. “People don’t want to hear what you have to say.” “Nobody is going to read it anyway.”  “What makes you the expert on this topic.”  “Aren’t you supposed to be doing this, that, or the other.”  Trust me I can find a thousand excuses to get out of doing something that I am afraid to do.  Like me, I am sure that you can find plenty of things that scare you.  You probably also make every attempt to avoid the pain and discomfort that comes with doing them.

This yoke is heavy
This yoke is heavy and I don’t like it

Eleanor Roosevelt said, “Do one thing everyday that scares you.”

When I thought about this for a moment I realized that this is exactly what we should be doing if we want to break the cycle of stagnation that comes from living a life that is controlled by unrealistic, irrational, unjustified fear.  Like a yoke around an ox’s neck, unrealistic fear is burdensome and oppressive.  It stirs up the past when you are trying to live in the present.  It enjoys rehashing old things that are long gone, using them to stop you in your tracks, and from experiencing the change you so longingly desire.

In a Ladies’ Home Journal article, Free Yourself from Fear, Dr. Phil McGraw describes how we make so many wrong decisions when unrealistic fear dominates our life. Thankfully, he gives us 7 Steps to living a fearless life, one of passion and purpose.  I have listed them below.

1. Decide what you really care about.

2. Examine where you are now.

3. Make a life decision.

4. Acknowledge your fears.

5. Challenge irrational fears.

6. Make it happen.

7. Get help.

The article, published in September 2008, was very instrumental in propelling me to write my first self-help book.  I realized that if I did not do it then, I would never do it at all.  Dr. Phil said, “The difference between dreams and goals is a time line and an action plan.” You have to take action, even if it is only one small, simple thing done each day.  The key is to chip away at your fear until you shut it down.  You control it, not the other way around.

CAUTION – Beaver at Work

In 3 days time we are going to end 2012 and step into 2013.  Many of you are probably thinking about making some New Year Resolutions.  I believe there is no time like the present to start taking action.  Today, you can start by doing one thing that really scares you.  Remember, a simple action, done consistently, always produces results. Why wait till January 1, 2013. Kick Fear Now!


Photographs by One World One Family @Just1Thought

To read the entire article:  McGraw, Dr. Phil. Free Yourself From Fear, Ladies’ Home Journal, September 2008: http://www.lhj.com/health/stress/relaxation-techniques/free-yourself-from-fear/?page=1


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