Blow Your Own Trumpet and Toot Your Own Horn

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One thing about the holiday season is that there are plenty of messages that will inspire and motivate us to action.  Last night after I came out the movie theater from watching the Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, I decided to walk along 34th Street before catching the train home.  As I looked around at the bright lights, decorations, and people doing their last minute shopping, my eyes were drawn upward.  High above the crowd, on the façade of Macy’s Department store, lit up in bright yellow lights and large enough so it could not be missed, was one word — Believe.  A simple message, but a powerful one nonetheless.

Inspiring messages are all around us
Inspiring messages are all around us

Don’t be afraid to dream big dreams or believe that they will come to pass. Just remember that you need to take action steps to make sure those dreams become reality. Of course, this is not always that easy to do but that does not mean you stop dreaming, believing, or doing. So you didn’t keep all your 2012 New Year’s resolutions and you did not do everything you wanted to do. Well, guess what, that’s okay.

You know, at the beginning of this year I set some big challenges for myself. In other words I dared to dream big and I believed that they would all happen. Well the year is almost over and I have not crossed every one of those goals off my list. I am sure that is also the case for many of you. Despite this fact I still believe I will be successful at them. This time, I have not resorted to feeling sorry for myself.  I now know better than to allow fear and doubt to take control. Instead, I have congratulated myself on the things that I have accomplished and given myself a pat on the back.

The little things are often the most important
The little things are often the most important

It is so easy to look back over the year and say to yourself, “I haven’t accomplished anything” but how wrong you would be.  This holiday season I strongly suggest that you take some time for you and list all the things that you have accomplished this year. Please don’t forget the small things.  Sometimes we overlook these little successes and they often are the most important.  Think of what you have done, how you did it, and what the outcome was.  Give yourself feedback.  Use this information to build upon and define what you will do next.

Toot your own horn
Toot your own horn

Now give yourself a gift for all your successes.  If you dare, take time to bask in your achievement. Celebrate.  Blow your own trumpet and toot your own horn.  Why?  Because it is the holiday season and you deserve it.


One thought on “Blow Your Own Trumpet and Toot Your Own Horn

    Theresa Morris said:
    January 21, 2013 at 2:03 PM

    Girl those words are so right some time we over look all what we have accomplished for ourselves to make our life a success yes we need to blow our on horns thank you for that information.

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