Guidance and Direction

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Guidance and Asking
Guiding and Asking

I cannot believe that one week ago I was sitting in a makeup artist’s chair in Sephora Time Square, NYC, having a cosmetic makeover and starring in my own Smashbox photo shoot with celebrity photographer Steven Khan. It certainly was a thrilling experience. As I reminisce over that day there are two things that really stand out in my mind. They are relevant because they both concern the whole purpose of this blog called Kick Fear Now. I hope you will allow me to share with you.

The first thing the very professional Smashbox makeup artist asked me was, “Is there any particular reason for my participating in this makeover.” I modestly told her yes, it was to get a photo for my soon to be published book. She then asked me what the book was about. I told her the title and explained that it was a self-discovery book that would challenge a person to get rid of the destructive habit of unrealistic fear from their life. Immediately, she got excited and told me that she had a friend who needed to hear what I had to say. She went away, returning a few minutes later with two young ladies in tow.

All three were friends; one of them was living with unrealistic fear. It was interesting to hear a little of her story, but more important was that she wanted to get rid of these things that were, as she stated, “holding her back” from getting on with her life. I told her quite confidently that her life was about to change because she was in the right place, at the right time, speaking to the right person.

Many people secure the services of a life or success coach because they need some form of guidance or direction in order to accomplish something they have been trying, with great effort, to do on their own. Coaching doesn’t “fix” broken people as some would erroneously believe. Rather, coaches take healthy people to a higher level. I don’t know of any person who is so self-sustained in their goals and accomplishments that they don’t need help or encouragement at some point in their quest for success.


Getting unrealistic fear out of your life involves a lot of change. First, there needs to be a change in your communication; next a change in your posture; and then a change in your environment. Change is scary and stressful. Nevertheless, you can achieve success if you seek out and are given some help in the right direction, especially one who has traveled a similar path.

As for my makeover and photo shoot, well it was a wonderful experience that will be remembered for a long time to come. But, the thing I will remember the most is the young lady who desperately wanted to Kick Fear Now, and the friends who cared enough to help her get a jump start, so she could start living the courageous life she has always dreamed of.


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