Face Your Fears and Become a Decision Maker

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On a daily basis, the New York Metropolitan Transportation system carries an average of 8.5 million people to and from their destination.  For almost a week much of that transportation system has been disrupted and in some places, totally disabled.  The job of moving people from A to B to C by the MTA has suddenly become very difficult.

It is not the first time that we folks in New York have experienced disruption in mass transit, but this time it was more widespread and for a much longer period of time. Yet, despite the interruption of many parts of this vital service, people like me still have to get from point A, B and C.  So what are we to do?

Whenever something occurs in your life that looks as if it is going to stop you in your tracks, the key is to come up with alternatives, and use them to come up with several different plans of action, not just one.  For example, Friday was a total disaster and the only way to get into New York City from Brooklyn was shuttle buses across the Manhattan Bridge.  On Monday night, when they closed Penn Station, thousands had to get back on the subway and travel to another borough to see if they could catch their trains there. On Tuesday evening we were told that certain trains were going no further.  I was so tired; I got out of the station and just started walking.

When you are on the journey of eliminating unrealistic fear from your life the risk may often seem very high. One of the things about rational decision making is that it gives you alternative routes to handle the issue that you face.  You look at all the possibilities, then weigh each one to see what the best possible outcome is.  Next, use the process of elimination to come up with your best decision.

Facing your fears allows you to give it closer scrutiny.  You can ask better questions.  Is this thing real?  Has this situation occurred before?  Can I remember what I did the last time?  Sometimes, just the exercise of focusing on the fear and calling it exactly what it is, unrealistic, unhealthy, and not real, allows you to clarify your true position.

When you look at the fear in the light of your other alternatives you will see that you were punishing yourself unnecessarily.  When you take action, despite how things may look or how you feel, you have set in motion the ability to encounter a different ending.  When you face your fear, what seemed large and looming now looks small and insignificant in the light of close scrutiny.

If you are ready to Kick Fear Now, then face your fears and become a decision maker.

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