Repetition and Practice

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I have just started learning how to play golf. In my first lesson I was taught the importance of form. It was an interesting session and I learned a great deal, despite the fact that I did not hold or swing a club. I was hoping to hit that small golf ball hard and watch it fly across the beautifully manicured, green grass. Alas, none of that stuff for me.

My instructor didn’t give me a golf club. Instead, he gave me what looked like, and was, two yard sticks glued together. The top of the stick was painted bright red. He used this area to show me where and how to grip the handle of the golf club. He then had me place the stick across my chest, with my arms crossed over it and began teaching me the correct movement and positioning of my body for when I swing the club.

There is an often quoted saying, “you have to crawl before you can walk” or “you have to walk before you can run”. This holds true for anything that you are embarking upon for the first time. You cannot become a pro after the first attempt, no matter how confident you think or feel. If you want to be really good at what you are doing then you have to repeat it over and again until you become proficient.

Eliminating unrealistic fear also requires a lot of repetition and practice. You have to decide on the action you want to take. You then make a decision that you are going to commit to completing the action no many how hard it seems or how many setbacks you encounter. If this occurs then you are just going to go back and repeat the action, noting where, when, how and why you had a setback. You will have to make adjustments to tackle the problem.

When you commit to eliminating unrealistic fear from your life you will find that you become a decision maker and an action taker. When you face your fears you have to look at all possible solutions to overcome them. You have to be ready with other alternatives that you can turn to, if and when needed, to institute a good outcome.

Once you have successfully completed the action, without any problem, you repeat it again. Each time you do this you are fine tuning the action. With repetition and practice you become confident and proficient. Try to follow this course with each thing you have been struggling with. With time you will not only be successful, but you will be a first class problem solver.

So guess what my homework is as far as golf is concerned? You got it. I must practice my form until I get it right. Then I’m ready for the next step – holding the golf club and moving that little white ball that is in its path – just like the pros.

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