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Do you remember when you first learned how to cross the road.  Your mom, or dad, would walk you to the curbside as you tightly held their hands.  They told you to step to the curb and then stop.  Next, you were told to look right, then left, then right again. Why, because you wanted to make sure the road was clear so you could cross safely at a steady pace.  Once you saw that it was safe to do so you would walk across the road, all the time looking and listening for any oncoming danger. Easy wasn’t it.  Well, not really. But with practice and time you walked across that road and have been crossing roads by yourself ever since.

When dealing with unrealistic fear you can use these same actions –Stop, Look, and Listen — to help you accomplish the change that you desire in your life. Let me show you how.


Change is on your mind. It’s something you’ve been talking about, dreaming about, or wanting to bring about for a long time. It’s ambitious, new, and exciting. It’s a change that will make your life better. Take a deep breath.Whatever the change is, there is going to be a stirring up of many emotions. You have to be alert. Fear is going to want to move in so you have to be prepared.


You need to watch out for all the warning signs. Check out your surroundings and know your enemy. By identifying fear’s limiting tactics, you’ll know what to look for. Let’s try it and see.

Is your life filled with inaction? Are you unable to move? Then fear has control over you.

Do you lack drive or stamina to do even the simplest task?  That’s opposition moving in.

Do you feel powerless or ineffective?  Those are negative opinions trying to distract and discourage you.

Do you see no point in starting a new project?  You know you won’t finish; you’ll put it aside before you’ve even reached half-way. Those are complacency and mediocrity trying to sabotage your progress.

Are you depressed and lethargic?  Then know that fear has crippled you into a position of no motivation, no drive, and no willpower.


The emotion that will want to take control is unrealistic, exaggerated fear.  You then must change your position. This means taking on a new attitude with regard to unrealistic, unnecessary, unwanted fears. Listen to the voice of sound reason, not fear, doubt or negativity.  Don’t allow discouragement or hopelessness to rule your life. It’s time to make adjustments in the way you think, see, and do. The place where you are right now should be all the motivation that you need. The paralyzed condition that you’re in should be compelling enough to make you want to do something different, drastic or unusual. All it takes is one step at a time, steadily moving forward.


You have assessed the situation and the way is clear.  Refuse to back down when fear steps in. Refuse to be frightened. Right now you are in total control of your choices, responses, attitude and, most of all, you’re in control of self. Armed with the knowledge you now have, it’s time to bring out the wisdom that is required for good decision-making. Your first decisive action, you already know what to do. Kick Fear Now!


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