Are you a Procrastinator?

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I have spent the last few months organizing my old photographs.  They were all over the place, in albums, frames, drawers, boxes, folders and anywhere else they had been put over the years.  I have thousands of photographs.  I realized that if I wanted to preserve these cherished memories I had to get them digitized and saved in my Dropbox ( account.  I found a company called Scandigital ( who said they could digitize and preserve these precious photographs of mine.  Thanks to Groupon (  I was able to secure two coupons that would get me a nice discount off the cost.  Yes, the cost would be high but I knew it would be worth it.

As I undertook the project I realized that this was another exercise on being successful in achieving the goals we set for ourselves.  It took a long while for me to get this project started.  Each time I would find a good excuse for putting it off for another day.  Of course, the days turned into weeks and the weeks into years and still the photographs sat where they were, fading a little more, getting lost and even some destroyed.

One of the major obstacles to being successful is procrastination.  Unrealistic fear is good at making us become professional procrastinators.  We find any excuse to delay what we should do.  We do menial tasks and find trivial things to occupy our time so that we avoid the important things that must be done.  We allow people and things to distract us.  We welcome any and all interruptions so that we can stop doing what is really important.  Eventually we become stagnant and forget what it was we wanted to accomplish in the first place.

The key to eliminating procrastination is to take action and it does not have to be something big.  When trying to accomplish a goal, action steps should be of a size that is doable for you.  You have to do something each day, no matter how small, that will take you closer to your goal.  That is why I like to ask and answer questions.  Questions allow us to make a conscious effort toward solving a problem.  Questions make you proactive in eliminating unrealistic fear from your life.

Once you have written down your goal, you must now write down the strategy for accomplishing it.  What steps must you take to reach that goal?  Imagine yourself meeting your goal.  What are some of the obstacles that are going to block or try to stop you from reaching success?  Think of what you can do to avoid, prevent, block or stop the obstacles and stumbling blocks.  Now use what you have in front of you to make things happen.

Your success is what its all about.  Purpose is doing what you are supposed to be doing and being happy doing it.  The life you want to live is within your grasp.  It takes courage to make it happen.  It takes self-discipline to stay on the journey and complete the process.  Right now you are building confidence, strength and gaining momentum.  Remember, If you plan to succeed you will.

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