Someone is waiting on you

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The world needs you, and I don’t necessarily mean the world at large.  I am talking about the world that you influence.  Someone’s life can be changed by you.  You could be a teacher who impacts the life of a student you teach.  That student could go on to do great exploits because of a sentence, a lesson or something as insignificant as the way you conducted yourself.  You could be the service representative in a retail business that makes your customer feel so special that they go and forget how bad things are in their world.  It does not matter who you are or where you are at this point in time, someone is waiting on you.

You do not know whose spirit you uplift just because you smiled at someone you passed in the street, on the subway or in the mall.  You may not know it but when you said “good morning” the recipient had gone through a devastating ordeal, where sleep evaded them all night.  Those two little words you spoke made them realize that things are really not so bad, especially in the light of day.  Not only that, but someone’s heart will flutter when you come into their space and someone’s environment will become more bearable when you step into your purpose.

When you find your purpose in life then you become an instrument of change in your own life, your home, neighborhood, community, and eventually the world at large.  Your presence and the energy you exude are contagious.  Do not let your unrealistic fears stop you from being the influencer that you are supposed to be in this world.  There are people in your sphere who are waiting on you to take action.  The power of your will and the courage to do something is all you need to take the first step.  So, no more hesitation, Kick Fear Now, and step into the life you have always dreamt of living.


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