It’s Important That You Get This

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Fear is the source of ninety percent of the lack of progress and personal development in the lives of millions of gifted, talented, and resourceful individuals.

                                                Dr. Myles Munroe, Maximizing Your Potential

Why do I keep focusing on finding and identifying your purpose?  Simply put, most people are just trying to survive.  Many are going through the motions of living.  Others are doing just enough to make it through each day or each week.  In other words they are living a life with no purpose.  There is no direction to their lives and nothing to guide them towards a meaningful life experience.  That is not what our lives are meant to be and I know that you are not one of those people.

With all our complexities and differences the last thing we should be doing is trying at life.  We are supposed to be living life – especially one that is filled with passion and purpose.  The two go hand-in-hands, purpose is the driving force behind everything that you do and passion is the consequence of purpose.

Unrealistic fear is quite happy being around a person with no purpose, but one who is passionate, enthusiastic and gutsy about what they want out of life, well then we have a problem.  As I told you before fear is hostile to progress, change and risk-taking.

Here are four things you need to know about unrealistic fear:

Fear is a saboteur.

It will do and use whatever is necessary to hold you back.

Fear is a stealer of time.

It will delay, prevent or stop you from moving forward.

Fear paralyzes.

It will cripple your movement, making you powerless and ineffective.

Fear is a dream killer.

It strikes dreams down each time they rise up.

Unrealistic fear knows that a person on purpose is not going to give in or give up the moment it shows up.  That person is going to see this as an indicator that he or she is heading in the right direction.  When unrealistic fear shows up that is the time to take action.  That is the time you know that success is around the corner, if only you will hold on, hang in and don’t give up.


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