The Key to Your Discovery

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One can choose to go back toward safety or forward toward growth.
Growth must be chosen again and again;
fear must be overcome again and again.

Dr. Abraham Maslow

By now you should have clarified your purpose.  The answers to your questions should have highlighted similarities, patterns and themes that help you to identify your purpose.  You should at least be able to clarify your purpose and even put together a clearly defined purpose.  Remember, your purpose gives “maximum meaning” to whatever you do.

What is it that you desire?  Are the dreams that flood your sleep a vision of the life you want to live, the person you want to be or the career or business you want to excel in?  What is it that you really want to accomplish and are determined to succeed in? What is it that you daydream about?  What motion picture of your life is your mind showing you and wanting you to make into reality?

Whatever it is that motivates you to get out of bed each morning?  That is what you must hold fast to in your imagination.  It will keep you moving forward.  Focus on it.  Use it as a tool for motivation and inspiration.  It is your ultimate dream, desire, and goal, and it will propel you into taking right action.  You must believe that you will succeed regardless of whatever obstacles and stumbling blocks come across your path.

If you are adventurous enough then let me hear what some of your purposes and passions are.  Tell me what are some of the challenges you have faced in defining or living your purpose? It took me many years before I truly understood what my purpose was and how important it was to be a person of purpose.  The key to my discovery was knowing as much as I could about myself and knowing even more about my fears.  If you want to discover your purpose that is the key – knowing as much as you can about yourself and knowing even more about your fears.


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