What Do You See?

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When you look at yourself in the mirror what do you see?  Is it a take-charge person who is walking in their purpose?  Are you living life so fully that when an opportunity comes your way you are like a matador, ready to take the bull by the horn and use all your energy to defeat it?  Or do you see a petrified mouse locked in the stare of a menacing cat that’s about to pounce?

Our perceptions come from our past experiences. Many of us tend to look at our “bad” past experiences rather than our “good” past experiences especially when we are venturing into unknown territory. The image you choose to see is your perception of who you are. What you see and what you hear will play a huge role in how you respond to a particular situation.

Fear cannot differentiate between reality and perception. It relies on you to tell them apart. Your reaction and response to any given situation triggers your emotions. As far as fear is concerned change is dangerous, risk is dangerous, even being in unfamiliar surroundings is dangerous. When something looks, feels, and sounds dangerous fear prepares for the worse.

The next time you look at yourself in the mirror tell yourself that you are looking at the future. That future is good and filled with endless possibilities. If you do choose to look at your past then determine only to look at those actions you took that gave you a good outcome. Your experiences should have strengthened you and fine-tuned your decision making technique. Each success or failure equips you with knowledge that you can utilize the next time around. The situation may be completely different but the decision making steps will rarely change.

So next time you are asked the question “Can I take this on?”, there should be no hesitation before you give the bold answer, “Yes”. After all, haven’t you faced the unknown before? Tell me, didn’t you get through it. Look at that person in the mirror once again. I dare you to see yourself as you really are — equipped and armed with the potential for greatness. Now, get ready and position yourself because your purpose is passionately looking for you.


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