The Journey of Self-Discovery

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Life is a journey of self-discovery, not self-improvement.

Why self-discovery?   Well, as you were being formed in your mother’s womb everything was in place for your future growth and development. Nothing was left out. Nothing was amiss. You were so put together that when you came out of the safe and serene world within the watery womb, into a bright, loud, and strange world you were greeted with oohs and aahs. You were so unique and special that everyone who saw you was in awe. There was nothing that needed to be improved upon. In fact, you were so fearfully and wonderfully made that you were perfect. What was needed now was for you to discover why you came into this world and what part you played in making it a better place to live.

The road that you were about to embark upon, even if at first you had to crawl along it, was to be one of discovering about yourself. It would by no means be an easy task. Nevertheless, through discovery and then action, the person you were born to be would eventually actualize — with the world being a much better place because you were in it. That is your purpose.

Every person who lives on this planet has a purpose for his or her life. There are a multitude of people walking aimlessly with no idea of what that purpose is. There are others who experience great loss, illness, struggles or setbacks but come out with a clear sense of purpose. Then there are a few who from an early stage know exactly why they are here and don’t waste any time setting about making their mark. The ability to articulate who you are, what you’re doing, where you’re going, and how you’re going to get there, is a sure indicator of a person who is on a mission to true fulfillment in life.

That is your purpose, to first discover, and then to become, all that you were meant to be. I believe that knowing and living your purpose is one of the greatest steps towards living a fearless life. Some of you may have lost sight of your purpose but rest assured it has not disappeared. It is merely waiting for you to discover it once again. My purpose is to help you along the journey of self-discovery, a journey that I myself have taken. So if you’re ready to find your purpose – then let’s go.


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